Chapter Outline

It is a given in the business world. You need to plan ahead to avoid potential pitfalls that could doom your startup. Written by Thomas Greenbaum, You Can Do It; A Guide for Starting and Running A Small Business provides a full range of information that puts you ahead of your competitors.

Chapter  I
Should You Be An Entrepreneur?
Chapter  II
The Key Ingredient to Entrepreneurial Success - The Idea
Chapter  III
The Business Plan
Chapter  IV
Key Business Strategies
Chapter  V
Brand Identification
Chapter  VI
Researching Your Business & Your Market
Chapter  VII
The Wheel  of Small Business Marketing
Chapter  VIII
The Target Audience
Chapter  IX
Chapter  X
Financial Statements

Chapter  XI
Financing a New Business
Chapter  XII
Legal Structure of Your Business
Chapter  XIII
Legal Requirements When Starting a Business
Chapter  XIV
Organizational Structure
Chapter  XV
Chapter  XVI
The Elevator Speech
Chapter  XVII
The Marketing Stool
Chapter  XVIII
Chapter  XIX
Developing a Trifold Brochure
Chapter  XX
Social Media

Chapter  XXI
Promotion For Small Business
Chapter  XXII
Key Insights into More Effective Advertising
Chapter  XXIII
Chapter  XXIV
Public Relations
Chapter  XXV
Brief Advertising & Promotion Legal Advice
Chapter XXVI
Managing Day-To-Day Financial Operations
Chapter  XXVII
The Website & URL
Chapter  XXVIII
Human Relations
Chapter  XXIX
Business Insurance
Chapter  XXX
Summary - The Keys to Success in a Small Business