"This is a must read for all of our counselors and clients. It's a gem"
- E. Michael O'Malley. - Chapter Chair - Fairfield County SCORE

"Tom Greenbaum brings a deal of business knowledge and strategic thinking to the process of starting and managing a small business, but what really makes him exceptional is his ability to translate his advice into practical actional steps that get great results"
- Jean Haynes. - Jean H. Consulting, LLC - SCORE Client

"Working with Tom Greenbaum has been a pleasure. He listens carefully, shows respect for his clients and asks factual questions. His ability to ask about desired outcomes and possible obstacles provides his clients with direction. His list of resources is extensive."
- Pat Duncan. - SCORE Counselor - Fairfield County SCORE

"Tom has been a great guide and leveller for me entering the small business entrepreneur arena; a wealth of valuable experience."
- James Sheed. - President - Kemp & Hewett Textiles - SCORE Client

"As a small business owner, I've been extremely fortunate to have worked with Tom Greenbaum as a business mentor Tom's candor and his ability to target the areas of our business with precision have been invaluable. I have no doubt that without Tom's sound advice and guidance and unwavering willingness to help, we would not be as successful as we are today. His excellent credentials and business acumen have and will continue to be a huge asset to Jumar Marketing."
- Judi Virgulak. - President  - Jumar Marketing - SCORE Client

We would like to say how lucky we are as small business owners, to be guided and mentored by Tom Greenbaum. He has given us confidence and courage to stay on the slow and steady path to success as our business is growing to the next level. At times this is a completely overwhelming process and his practical and straightforward advice has helped us stay focused with clear priorities of where to really put our energy. Since we are not just business owners, but also doing the day to day work, our time is precious and limited. We appreciate the support, guidance and personal investment that Tom has put into helping us grow our business. We feel so lucky to have met him, and each of you that read his book will take away tips and ideas that will help you to have a successful and thriving business. Thank you Tom, from the bottom of our hearts for helping us get to where we are today, and where we hope to be in the future.
- Ailene Tisser. M.A., P.T. and Cindy Freedman., OTR - Co-Owners of Angelfish Therapy - SCORE Client